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GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker

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Brand Name: centechia

Origin: Mainland China

Application Age Group: Adult

Compatibility: All Compatible

Certification: CE

Function: Passometer

Net weight of products: 10g

Gross weight: 24g

version: 4.0

Material: ABS

Product dimensions: 38x38x10mm

Power supply mode: CR2032 button cell

GPS Tracker Wireless Finder For APP Mobile Phone 4.0 Bidirectional Alarm Retainer S9 Circular bluetooth-compatible Tracker


Product features:

1. Object-finding function: Bind the anti-lost device with valuables. When the device is connected with of mobile phone APP, use the search function of APP to make the anti-lost device sound, so as to find items.

2. Looking for mobile phone function: When the device is connected with of mobile APP and it is necessary to find a mobile phone, double-click the device button to call the mobile phone, and the mobile phone will make a sound.

3. Two-way alarm: set and turn on the " disconnection alarm" switch in the software to realize two-way loss prevention. When the device is connected with the of the mobile phone APP, if the of the mobile phone is disconnected from the anti-lost device, both the mobile phone and the anti-lost device will give an alarm sound, and the mobile phone of articles will be lost, giving an alarm reminder.

4. Self-timer function: When the device is connected with of mobile phone APP, use the self-timer function of the software to take photos wirelessly.

5. Recording function: Double-click the switch button of the device to record in the APP.

6. Disconnection location: When the item is disconnected from the mobile APP , the APP will record the lost position of the item after disconnection, and the lost position after disconnection will be displayed in the map in the APP.

Product features:

1. the new 4.0 technology is adopted, which has extremely low power consumption. it is powered by CR2032 in button cell and stands by for 12 months, making it convenient to replace batteries.

2. Support iOS11.0 system and Android8.0 or above system ( 4.0 required).

3. The anti-loss device is exquisite and fashionable in appearance, and 6 main colors can be selected, which can be matched with each other to provide unlimited imagination space.


Product parameters:

1. Net weight of products: 10g.

2. Gross weight: 24g.

3. version: 4.0.

4. Material: ABS.

5. Product dimensions: 38*38*10mm.

6. Power supply mode: CR2032 button cell (gift).

7. APP software: iSearching.

8. Product color: 6 colors are optional.

Package Included:

1* anti-lost device.

1* instructions.

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